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Are you a school administrator? Would you like to make copies of our CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks for numerous teachers?


Please note that CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks are for single classroom use only Unlawful photocopying is prohibited by lawIf you need to disseminate a CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbook(s) to numerous teachers, you will need to purchase additional workbooks or an Administrator License(s). 

An Administrator License allows a school administrator/leader the ability to distribute FIVE CCQ novel study assessment workbooks at a discount price.  If you need more than FIVE packets, additional Administrator Licenses would be required.

When you legally purchase our CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks,  you are also supporting future college students – 50% of our net profits go to the charity, Scholarship America.

General Education and Special Education Students increase their reading levels by an average of 4 to 5 levels.  Also, General Education and Special Education students increase their standardized test scores by an average of 20 points.  The student data that we are gathering is simply astonishing!!

(These student results were gathered from educators who used multiple CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks during one school year.)

To purchase an Administrator License, click on a product title, go to the drop-down menu, scroll to the Administrator License option, and Add to Cart.  Here is an example: